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COMPANY PROFILE was launched 1999 and acquired by Network18 in the year 2000, and it has been growing at a breathtaking rate ever since.

Today, Moneycontrol is the premier end-to-end business and finance portal for Indian consumers and market watchers. It is the country's No.1 online financial destination. It is also comparable to the world's largest financial destinations like the Wall Street Journal's online edition (, and Yahoo Finance. More than 6 million unique users, 120 million + page views and the highest time spent of 29 minutes per user (as against an Indian average of 9 minutes) make it peerless in the country. The audience profile is indicated by the fact that more than 85% of our members using the site's portfolio tracking service have a portfolio of investments worth more than Rs 500,000 (on a base of approx 0.6 million portfolio users). Visit Moneycontrol »

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