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Global Groupware SolutionsGlobal Groupware Solutions Limited is committed to helping businesses develop strategic competitive advantages by helping them develop lasting relationships with their employees, customers and business partners.

We do so by providing technology solutions that combine our deep understanding of business processes across verticals with cutting edge information technology.

Over a decade of existence, we have worked with small and large organizations, spanning several industry verticals.

We are a SaaS pioneer in India having launched the first CRM solution in 2001 when it was called the ASP model. We passionately believe in the power of SaaS to enable millions of small and medium businesses across the world and especially in the emerging economies to unravel automation that has otherwise been restricted only to large enterprises.

Apart from Smiles ERM, we also offer Smiles CRM, an integrated customer life cycle management solution that includes sales force automation, service help desks, and customer service automation. Visit Website »

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